Friday, 25 August 2017

my most powerful sentence

This we have been watch black face and wrote story from it this is my most powerful sentence
The monkey felt embarrassed, tormented and defeated.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

My writing

Walt to use smiles in our writing.this week we have been learning to put smiles in our writing to make it interesting.we learned this with google docs.I enjoyed finding similes to put in my writing.I found it challenging to find a picture to write about it.

                         My Writing

I Hear creaking noises as I crept across the brown dirty floor.
I heard the seagull chirping like a car horn!
I saw Seagull silhouette through the dark tinted windows.
I saw red rugged  rocky bricks.
I saw rotating wood as I walked up the stairs.
I felt If I stept on wrong creaky floor boards I would fall to my death!
I felt my leg shaking like wobbly jelly!
I felt like my eyes were glued to the wall of the disgusting house.
I wondered will I survive this adventure?
I wondered will I see my family again?

emoji My term 2 Reflection

Walt writes a reflection about the whole term.
This term I am proud of my writing skills because I'm getting better at writing neater in my writing book.I thought camp was fun because we went hut building, river crossing and on other fun walks.My most challenging were remembering cyber smart information from last year.

My Emoji
My sparkles on my hair mean my hair means I am lovely,  my princess Tiara mean I'm my dad's little princess.2017 is for the year.Toni is a shorter version of me. My bright smile is because I love school.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

matariki sisters

Walt learn more about Matariki and the seven sisters.This week i have been learning about the seven sisters.I learned this on google slides and in some books.I enjoyed finding pictures for the backgrounds.I hope you enjoy my post.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The plane crash

Walt use similes and alliteration in our writing This week we have been learning to use similes and alliteration. we learnt this with a show and tell template. I enjoyed choosing the music on spark.hope you enjoy my post.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

my writing on spark.abobe

WALT use spark.abobe to make videos.this week we have been learning how to use spark.abobe on our computer.We learned how to do this on spark.abobe.I enjoyed putting my writing in the slides.I hope you like my post


WALT describe what a simile is.this week we have been learning how to do similes.we learned this so we can put simlies in our writing.we learned this on enjoyed learning how to use