Friday, 28 October 2016

Why Paroa school is the best

I thought it was easy because I know a lot about Paroa school now you will.
Why Paroa school is the best Today I am going to tell you why Paroa school is the best in Greymouth . My main reason is there is a lot to do in Paroa school like going to the library you can get wonderful books. We have two playgrounds 1 playground is for 1-3 our other playground is 4-8 on the little playground there is a bridge,a turny slide, a climbing wall a tunnel and a flying fox.On the big kids playground there is a jungle jim ,2 climbing walls, a turny twisty slide,along side,a long ladder, a tremendous tunnel and a bridge .we have a big field the field is a big space it can fit probably 1000 people on it. The Field is a great place for boys and girls everybody. Another reason is we have Tuakana Teina that is the big kid and the tukuna is the little kid is the tukan. We also have hot fresh lunch and subway when your in room in room 5 you get to hand out subway I love handing out subway hot fresh lunch is when you get some food that is hot and fresh . I love Paroa school and Paroa school would be a healthy informant for a young child.

Thursday, 13 October 2016