Monday, 5 December 2016

My t-shirt

WALT:create an original pattern and describe it

Friday, 2 December 2016

The three little trick or teaters

The three little trick or treaters On the night of Halloween the three little trick or treaters called Zelda (a hammerhead shark) Ted (from call of duty) and Dave (the peashooter from plants vs zombies) meet up with Eva the egg Toni the tomato and Liam the liking lemon lime “finally Halloween I’ve been waiting like forever yelled Zelda! So the little trick or treaters went to the first house the lady gave the little trick or treaters a whole entire bowl of candy. So the Liam,Eva and the Toni went home. It left three little trick a treaters alone so they went to a house not knowing it was haunted.DoN DoN DoN! So when they went there-there was a lot candy then a vampire called haunty Holly gave them a fright and locked them up in an under- ground basement.In the basement there were potions, Tarantulas and stuffed pugs. they were locked for an hour and they didn’t eat their candy because they were saving it. Then super Estella came flying to the rescue and got them and flew them then home like a rocket. At home they ate their candy and we never went to that ever again.